Will Crockett is an odd duck in the photo world. Holder of many patents, trademarks and considered one of the brightest minds in the photo technology circles he's worked on projects as a consultant or developer with some pretty big brands including his ongoing work with the Pentagon's Chief of Photo. As a creative person, his images are strong and vibrant he's enjoying a wonderful career as a photographer and loves nothing more than to get up early, hop on his motorcycle with a camera, then go make some images to share with his friends both online and as exhibition grade prints. Yep, real, museum quality prints. Over his long and illustrious career, Will has created an inkjet printing room from only the finest printers, papers, archival inks, color control tools and precise room lighting components to make and show a photo in the absolute finest manner possible. For years he just gave them away as gifts and "thank you's" until one day when a young photo assistant asked to learn the complicated craft of exhibition level printing. Will was overjoyed that some other nerd appreciated the process of letting a photo file "speak" to you and have it tell you how big, what paper, how much open paper space it needs and maybe how to mount or frame it.
Along the way of teaching this rare young lad, now an apprentice printer, the subtlties of museum photo printing, Will expanded his tool set and White Glove was born.
Photographers need to see prints of their work in order to grow as imagemakers and this way of printing helps them along their way, but where do you go? WalMart? an online pro lab? No, the texture of the different papers is important so you need to find a group of printmakers, lead by a master printmaker, that can show you how to be a better photographer thru viewing your own exhibition print even if your gallery is nothing more than your fridge.