Who Is Will Crockett?Here's a little bio piece we use for Will's speaking gigs and for folks that don't know of Will past educational work. Geeeeks!!!   Yesssssss!!!!!
You are more than welcome here.  Our "RJ"  {Resident Jean-yuss} Will Crockett has been a secret inkjet geek for years and collected printers and RAIDS and RIP software and all kinds of different paper surfaces for years.  Here's a video of how the system cranks out the print that not only he's sold to clients for big bux, but he insists on making his own speaking event posters on archival paper stock for his speakging gigs, and you know he's one of the Moab Masters, one of the Xrite Coloratti team, and is actually a paid consultant to help pro labs sort out some of thier color issues when they run wet / silver printers alongside inkjet and try to get them to match.  Here's a video just for us gearheads. :  )